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3 things beard oil WILL do for your beard

3 things beard oil will do for your beard

Earlier we covered 3 things that beard oil WILL NOT do for your beard, so we’re giving you the other half of the story. While there are plenty of things beard oil won’t do for your beard, it offers plenty of benefits to your skin and beard. There’s a real reason we use beard oil, it’s not just snake oil, and it produces noticeable results. Here are 3 things beard oil will do for your beard.

Beard oil WILL take care of your skin

The main reason we use beard oil is as a conditioner and moisturiser. The entire purpose of beard oil is to look after your skin first. Growing a beard can be quite irritating to your skin, from the growing hairs to how your beard saps moisture away from the surface. We use beard oil to add moisture to our skin by replacing any lost natural oils throughout the day.

If you’re suffering from an itchy beard or beardruff (dandruff for your face) then we recommend a good dose of beard oil. A regular application of 2-4 drops (depending on the length of your beard) can help quickly soothe any skin irritation. Many beard oil base formulas will use jojoba oil due to its similarity to sebum; the natural oil our skin produces. This enables a quick absorbing oil that works quickly on your skin.

Beard oil WILL take care of your beard

While beard oil is taking good care of your skin, it’s also working on your beard. A well-oiled beard will not only feel softer, it should feel and look healthier too. Many beard oils are designed to be absorbed into facial hair to condition and pump full of moisture. The weakest kind of beard is a dry and unkempt beard, allowing for hair strands to be broken or damaged.

Beard oil should also help with the longevity and strength of your beard hairs. In time, it’ll reduce the amount of shedding, so you won’t find as many random hairs all over the place. Meaning you’ll have a fuller beard for longer during your hairs normal life cycle.

Beard oil WILL make your beard look better

So while beard oil won’t give you a better beard, it’ll definitely make your beard look better. Due to it’s conditioning effects, using beard oil will make your beard far more manageable. It won’t be as unruly in the mornings, which will help your beard look better through the day.

Even a single application of beard oil in the morning, along with a good comb through, can make you look good enough to get out there. Over time, you’ll notice just how easy it is to style and manage your beard throughout the day. Just one of the benefits of having a consistent and regular beard care regime.

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