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3 things beard oil WILL NOT do for your beard

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Big claims get made about what beard oil can do for your beard. You’ll hear all the snake oil salesman selling points; they make it sound like a magic beard potion. That when you use it, you’ll wake up the next day with the biggest bushiest beard you could ever imagine. We’ll be looking at 3 things beard oil will not do for your beard to be aware of.

Beard oil WILL NOT make your beard grow faster

One of the most common things you’ll hear about beard oil is that it’ll make your beard grow faster. That somehow this special type of oil will seep into your skin and speed up how your body grows hair. There is no evidence or proof that your beard will grow any faster when using any beard oil. And this is not the reason we use beard oil, it’s solely for moisturising and conditioning your hair and face.

However, that’s not to say you can’t possibly stimulate beard growth through other means. But the rate of beard growth is dictated by other factors. It comes down to mostly genetics, a good diet and exercise regime, getting enough sleep and living as stress free as possible. Unfortunately, no kind of beard care product can influence these factors. Beard oil WILL NOT make your beard grow any faster.

Beard oil WILL NOT make your beard naturally denser or thicker

A lot like how beard oil will not make your beard grow faster, it also won’t make your beard any denser or thicker. There is some misconception that your beard becomes thicker after applying beard care. This is the hair strands absorbing the oils and feeling fuller. This is a temporary effect and once your facial hair starts to dry up it’ll lose some weight and feel thin in comparison.

There is no kind of beard care product that’ll make your beard grow denser or thicker, this again comes down to genetics. A well styled beard using a good hold balm will appear dense and no one will ever know the difference.

Beard oil WILL NOT give you a better beard

Even though you might be bombarded with photos of massive long beards when shopping for beard oils, beard will not give you a better beard. It just won’t, your beard is yours and only yours. You’re the only one capable of growing your beard. Beard oil or any product will not allow you to magically grow a better beard than before.

This just comes down to how your body grows hair, how thick, how long and in what way. Everyone’s beard is unique and none of them will ever be the same. Be comfortable with yourself and how your beard grows and don’t believe that beard oil will change that.


  • Beard oil will not make your beard grow any faster, thicker or denser.
  • Beard oil is only for condition and moisturising your face and beard
  • Many factors decide how your beard grows; genetics, diet, exercise and stress

In part two we’ll be looking at 3 things beard oil WILL do for your beard to give you the other side of the story.

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