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Beard Care: how to look after a long beard

How to look aftr a long beard

Are you thinking that all beards take the same amount of care? That it doesn’t matter if you have a short beard, a long beard or even if it’s thick and curly. It all requires the same beard routine? I’m going to tell you that you’re wrong. There’s a difference between looking after a short and a long beard.

How long is a long beard?

We would say that after your beard has gone past the point of 4-5 inches of growth, you’ve got the start of a long beard. If your beard descends far past your chin and away from your face, there are certain things to consider when taking care of it.

If you’ve got a shorter beard, a simple daily routine of beard oil & balm along with a weekly wash in the shower should suffice. But with length comes a greater responsibility to take care of those hairs.

Treat it with great care

Taking care of a beard comes down to making sure the hair and skin underneath is moisturised and conditioned. These are the fundamentals to having a healthy feeling and soft beard. But as your beard becomes longer, there’s just more to do it for it. It’s easy for a short beard to not wick away as much natural skin oils compared to a beard double the size.

This means you’ll be using more drops of beard oil in the morning and you might have to reapply through the day. Your beard will be sucking up that oil and absorb it as quick as possible to rehydrate it.

If you feel your beard needs more oil but aren’t sure how much to apply. We generally recommend 1-2 drops per inch of beard. So if you’re sporting a 5 inch beard, anywhere between 5-10 drops should get you thoroughly oiled up.

Different products for a longer beard?

A longer beard may need different types of beard care products compared to when you had a shorter beard. While beard oil goes a long way, that extra length could use some long-lasting conditioning.

Using a thicker product such as a beard butter or cream provides that conditioning over a longer time than conventional beard oil. They work great any time in the day, whether you use it in your morning routine or just before bed. Your long beard will appreciate the beard butter while you’re asleep, waking up to a soft moisturised beard.

Is your beard shedding more?

All beards shed eventually, no matter how long. It’s the natural life cycle of the hair strands, repeating continuously from every follicle. It could be said that a longer beard will shed more. Whether that’s due to the longer hairs being more visible or that a longer beard has more hair which means more will shed.
It’s always good to not panic if you see a handful of beard strands on your pillow or in the sink. Don’t start thinking it’ll all fall out, just continue taking care of your beard and sticking to your product routine.

Winter time beard care

If you’re sporting a badass long beard and it just happens to be cold outside, there’s a few things to consider differently. You can read our guide on taking care of your beard during winter. The longer your beard the more susceptible to the cold it is, potentially damaging your beard if exposed to the cold. We recommend wrapping your face up to prevent contact with the rain, wind and cold.

Co-washing your beard

So if you’re sticking to a recommended beard washing regimen, you might be washing once or twice a week. But a long beard is going to get dirtier quicker than a shorter beard. You’ll be picking up extra oils and grime just from your day to day.

If you’re worried about over washing your beard, have you tried co-washing? Co-washing is using a beard conditioner which is gentler on the hair and skin with only a minimal cleaning action. This means you’re keeping your beard cleaner in between your designated shampoo days. Not only will your beard appreciate it, adding some extra conditioning to your routine, but you’ll appreciate a cleaner and softer beard.

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