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Beard care: How to look after your COVID-19 Lockdown beard

COVID-19 Lockdown Beard

2020 is shaping up to be a wild and crazy year, with a lot of us having spent the last couple of months in a lockdown. Many of you may have started your beard journey during it, it is the perfect time. No one is going to see you when your beard is at its worst and everyone is going to see you emerge with a beasty big beard. But what are some ways to look after your COVID-19 Lockdown beard?

Never Slack on your beard care

You shouldn’t be slacking on your beard care right now. If you had a routine before then carry on as you were. If you need a beard routine or even a new one, you can follow this one right there.

You should be keeping your lockdown beard maintained and fed with a daily dose of beard oil. If you’re starting your lockdown beard, you’ll only need a couple of drops applied. Make sure to massage thoroughly into the skin underneath and apply through every strand of your beard.

Maybe you’re working from home and wondering if you should still be using balm. Why style it when no one is going to see it? Well balm also offers more than just styling, they also offer nourishment and conditioning to your beard. This is all due to the beard loving oils and butters commonly featured in beard balms along with beeswax.

Never stop training the beard

Each time you follow your beard care routine, along with a healthy regiment of beard brushing, you’re actually training your beard to grow a certain way. As long as you keep maintaining it as well as the occasional styling, your beard will grow more predictably. It’ll grow in the directions the hair feels most comfortable in; the state it’s typically maintained in

If you’re just going to let it grow wild and out from the sides of your face, it’s going to continue looking messy no matter what you do to it. And with several months of being on lockdown, you could end up with a disastrously wide and unkempt beard.

Try to resist trimming it unnecessarily

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their brand new beard is trimming it too early or unnecessarily. It’s better to grow more than you’re going to need and trim off the excess than trim off too much and be left with nothing. I know the desire can be great when it’s starting to look messy and unappealing. But the last thing you want to do is slip and have to start from scratch.

If you’re confident it needs a trim, go slow and bit by bit. There is no rush to get it done as quickly, take your time and be patient. Start by taking the long ends off, the ones which stick out when your beard is combed and brushed down neatly.

From there, move from section to section of your beard; from the left, to the centre and back to the right side. As you progress through each part of your beard, you’re still only taking small amounts off and assess as you go along. Constantly check the progress so you know you’re not trimming too much off.

It’s getting hot outside, what else do I need to do for my beard?

Keep hydrated!

One of the biggest causes for dry and irritated skin is being dehydrated, especially when your beard takes away the oils your skin produces to keep moisture locked in. Dehyrdration can wreck havoc on your body and can especially leave your beard dry and damaged if you don’t take care. So now the weather’s getting hotter, you need to be drinking that water. You’ll notice the difference in the healthiness of your beard as well.

Keep it clean!

With the summer heat coming, we’re going to be sweating. And as we do, some of that sweat and the dirt from our skin is going to collect in our beard, making it dirtier quicker. And for a healthy beard, you want the skin underneath as clean as possible. This will also help prevent any clogged pores that can cause irritation. A clean face is only going to help promote beard growth and will help out with your beard care routine.

An extra dose of beard oil

Even if you’re keeping hydrated and sticking to your beard routine, you’ll feel the summer heat causing your beard to dry up. If this is the first year with a beard, don’t be afraid to apply a second dose of beard oil throughout the day.

You won’t need as much, you’re not replacing the oils that you’ve lost like you do with your first application of beard oil. Take the normal amount of drops you would use first thing in the morning and only use half of that. You’re just topping up the moisture level of your beard.

Don’t give up on your beard!

You might end up getting frustrated with the beard, even during the lockdown, but don’t shave it off just yet! Growing a beard to be proud of takes time and patience, no one grew a badass beard overnight. Stick with it and I promise you, as long as you keep good care of it, you won’t be disappointed with your decision not to shave.


To make the most of your lockdown beard this year, just remember these few things:

  • Don’t skip out on your beard care. Keep your usual beard routine the same as it was and continue to use high quality beard oil and balms.
  • If you’re growing a new beard, train it to grow predictably by regular brushing and styling to ensure it grows in it’s most comfortable state.
  • Trim if you have to, but make sure you’re not trimming too much off. It’s better and easier to have more beard than not enough when you thinking about shortening it down yourself.
  • With the hotter weather, make sure you start hydrated to keep you beard hydrated Make sure to keep it clean by using your beard wash a couple times a week.
  • Don’t be afraid to top up your beard with an extra dose of beard oil during the day

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