Beard Butters: What are they and Why use them?

Beard Butters: What are they and Why use them?

Beard Butters: An Introduction

Now that we've covered Beard Oils and Beard Balms, what they are and why you should use them. We come to the last product in the Savage Alchemy range, Beard Butters. Now you might be thinking it's literally a butter and you're not actually wrong. But they are the ultimate finisher to any Beard Care routine and the Savage Alchemist particularly likes to use them just before bedtime. So what are beard butters and why would you use them?

What are Beard Butters?

Now the composition of a Beard Butter can differ from brand to brand. But at the heart of them, Beard Butters are a great leave in hair and skin conditioner and they don't contain any beeswax which makes it perfect just before you call an end to the night. Our handcrafted recipe includes nourishing Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter along with skin and hair loving oils. They're also incredibly scented which will last from the night all the way to the morning. Since they don't contain any beeswax, it doesn't leave your beard knotted and matted and doesn't have that slight tacky feel. It'll work it's magic overnight and you'll wake up with an amazingly soft beard, ready to take the new day on. So you'll never have to worry about dry skin, brittle hair or even the dreaded beardruff!

Why Use Them?

Well there's a few reasons to use a Beard Butter. It is the last piece in the ultimate Beard Care routine when used in conjunction with a brilliant Oil and Balm. But while Balms have a practical use, to give you the styling capability, Beard Butters are a close cousin to them. Since they don't contain any beeswax they offer a minimal chance for styling but still contain all the nourishing and moisturising capabilities. They're practically a solid Beard Oil, so even if you're travelling and need to save on space, a Beard Butter will be your best beard companion! They simply melt in the hand and allow you to quickly apply it to your beard and skin underneath, give it a quick brush and a comb through and you'll have tamed that savage beard in seconds.

Our personal favourite is the Rhodonite Beard Butter, especially before hitting the hay. The relaxing lavender helps you to drift off into a calm sleep while your beard gets pampered, it's best of both worlds. All of our Beard Butters are also 100% vegan friendly! 

If you can't decide which scent to choose, we have you covered with our Beard Butter Gift Set, all 3 scents in our 30g Beard Butter tins! Then you won't ever have to decide again, and have your beard looking it's absolute best. You can find it here: