Beard Combs and brushes: What should you look for in one?

Beard Combs and brushes: What should you look for in one?

So finally, you've found the combination of grooming products that work for you. You've found that amazing beard oil which has that long lasting scent that you love, a beard balm which helps you style your beard the way you like or maybe even a beard butter to help you condition and moisturise. Do you think your done? No, this is not the end of the journey for you and your beard.

The next logical step would be accessories, and there's no two bigger and more important beard accessories than a proper and decent comb and brush. But you might be asking yourself, do I really need them? Why isn't a cheap plastic comb good enough? Well I'll tell you why. You've spent all of this time and money making sure you have the best beard you can, do not skimp out on a comb and/or brush! They're also perfect for on the go, as they usually come in handy travel friendly sizes. So let's break them down:

Beard Combs

A beard comb is the perfect beginning accessory to not only on your journey of growing your beard but to keep any stray hairs in check. 

But what should you look for in one? Well the first thing you want to do is avoid any plastic hair combs for your beard. They're mass produced and leave tooling marks on the plastic teeth which can snag or even cause damage to your beard, which is the last thing you want! Ideally you'd want either a wooden or metal beard comb, our personal preference is wood. Metal combs are great for on the go though as they usually come in a similar size to a credit card, allowing you to alway have one with you even in your wallet. 

Most beard combs vary in sizes of the gaps between the comb teeth. This will come down to the thickness and density of your own beard, if you have finer hair you'll want to go for one with a thin or medium tooth gap. If you have a thick dense beard that's hard to comb through, the wider the better. There are double sided combs available that offer best of both worlds, the good news is that Savage Alchemy will be releasing a series of accessories in the near future!

Beard Brushes

The next accessory is a quality Beard Brush. Now once again, cheap plastic hair brushes will simply not be good enough. You're only going to end up damaging, snagging and tearing your precious beard and every strand counts! Ideally you'll want to find one which has authentic Boar hair bristles which is soft enough to keep your beard just right.

But what does a Beard Brush do differently than a Beard comb? Well, they both do keep your beard in check and help you keep stray hairs down. But the beauty of a Beard Brush is that it helps to evenly spread on any beard product that you've applied. You may not be able to evenly coat each strand of hair with just your hands, so the Boar hair bristles help to spread our any Beard Oil or Butter you've put on. 

With the right combination of both a Beard Comb and Brush that works for your beard, you can groom yourself in confidence that you're giving yourself the right treatment! Savage Alchemy have plans to bring out a whole range of Beard Accessories and Grooming Kits in the near future so we can be your only place for all your beard needs!