Beard Oils: Why use them?

Beard Oils: Why use them?

If you have only just started on your beard growing journey, you might be overwhelmed at the amount of choice when it comes to beard oils. You might even ask yourself why you would even need to use them? There's plenty of reasons and the Savage Alchemist is here to help you.

First off, growing a beard means you want to look your absolute best. This can be very difficult to do when your beard is straggly, rough and unkempt. Beard oils can help condition and moisturise the hair itself with plenty more benefits! Savage Alchemy Beard oils are designed to strengthen and reinvigorate your beard hairs using oils such as hemp seed oil. Hemp oil contains an amazing balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which have shown to stimulate hair growth. So it's always best to look after the health of your beard.

The second benefit to using beard oils is maintaining the condition of your skin underneath all of that savage beardery. A beard can act like a wick for the natural oils your skin produces, taking them away from the skin and into the hair. This can leave your skin feeling rough but also produce dandruff, neither of which any of us want. Beard oils not only help moisturise the hair but the skin underneath!

Lastly, all of Savage Alchemy Beard oils are created with essential oils. Essential oils are great for giving you that long lasting scent that carries with you all day long, but they offer a myriad of benefits. Peppermint Essential oil (used in Celestine) has been shown to promote blood flow closer to the skin. This is great for your beard as it means your body is able to circulate all those beard growing nutrients closer to the hair follicles. This means you're giving your beard every fighting chance to grow bigger and stronger.

All of Savage Alchemy Beard Oils are created using natural and organic ingredients and all 100% vegan friendly! Check us out on instagram @savagealchemybeardco and remember, Tame that savage beard!