No Shave November: What I wish I knew when growing MY Beard

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No Shave November: What I wish I knew when growing MY Beard

No Shave November, What are some things you should know?

This time of year is perfect for wanting to grow a thick and bushy bit of face fur. It's getting colder, icier and windier, why not want to protect those innocent bare looking cheeks? It's also No Shave November. Movember and Decembeard (which is a new one for me) so there's plenty of Beard Special occasions to get involved with! What we're here today for is things I wish I knew when I was growing my beard. If I can pass down any advice that will help you in growing the best beard you can then it'll be a proud day.

It's going to Itch and Itch pretty badly:

This is the biggest first obstacle most people seem to face when they first start their Beard Growing Journey. Unfortunately, new beards itch and they itch badly. This is due to the hairs growing longer and bending back on themselves, unfortunately stabbing your skin with the ends of the hair. Now, you could just give up already when the itching gets too bad, but you're not going to are you? Do you know why? Because you started growing it in the first place, so stick with it! From personal experience, the itchiness of a brand new beard tends to subside after a couple of weeks depending on how fast of a grower you are. So after 2-3 itchy weeks it's smooth sailing!

You're going to look Worse before you look Better:

It's a sad fact but everyone looks worse before they look better when growing a beard. Maybe you're one of the lucky few where you're satisfied with stubble, that 5 o'clock shadow. But for many of us when growing that epic long beard that we all so desire, we tend to look much worse before we start to look the way we want. You're going to become very familiar with the classic look of a man on his beard journey: you tend to look homeless or like a vagabond. It's probably going to be straggly, patchy and definitely not filled out the way you envisioned it would be. Just like with the itchiness stage, this stage does also pass with a few caveats. 

We all know we can't beat the most significant factor in how our beards grow: genetics. So as long as you've got adequate genetics for facial hair, the rough looking stage only lasts several months. At best you won't be looking too bad after 3 months, some of us are late bloomers and it'll be around the 6 month stage. Growing a beard takes dedication and if you're going to do it, you're in it for the long run. This is a commitment!

Don't look in the mirror too often:

We've all been there, looking in the mirror assessing how your beard is coming along. You know it's going to be like watching paint dry, but you do it anyway! Hoping that the longer you stare at it the faster it grows, willing it with your mind. And at the end of the day, this isn't going to help at all. In the beginning stages you cannot be critical of how it's going when it's still early days. Be patient and just go with the flow while you let it grow. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your beard grow in one. 

Buy a High Quality Beard Oil:

You're probably thinking right now, "Oh yeah, of course the Beard Company is telling me to buy a beard oil" but it's universal advice for when you're growing. A high quality Beard Oil is an irreplaceable tool to help you along. Not only is it to be used to service your hair by nourishing and conditioning it, but it'll help with the condition of your skin underneath. As your beard is getting longer, it's taking the necessary oils away from the skin and ends up drying you out. This is why it's imperative in picking using a beard oil, once you actually have a beard to apply it to.

You might get overwhelmed and believe you need an Oil, a Balm, a Butter, a beard wash or any other sort of beard product on the market. Go slow and maybe just pick up a beard oil that catches your fancy. You have many months and years getting to use all the amazing products out on the market on your beard and it's only going to get longer!


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