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Buying beard oil: What you should know

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If you’re in the market to buy some beard oil, it can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you’re new, the choice can be overwhelming. With dozens of carrier oil combinations and scent profiles… what really makes a good beard oil worth buying? Here’s what you need to know when buying beard oils.

Know your carrier oils

Carrier oils are what make up the bulk of beard oil. These are the oils we use to dilute potent essential and fragrance oils to be used safely. Most beard oils will be 85-95% carrier oils with the rest for the scent profile.

It’s always best to familiarise yourself with carrier oils that are typically featured in beard oils. It’ll take time and experience to learn which ones perform best for your beard. But you’ll start recognising common ingredients such as: argan, jojoba and sweet almond.

Some brands have started experimenting with more unusual carrier oils such as sea buckthorn, borage and castor. What you should look for in a beard oil is a combination of at least 3 oils. Using multiple oils in your beard routine ensures you get all moisturising and conditioning effects.

Avoid unnatural ingredients

Once you’re familiar with the commonly used carrier oils, you’ll know that they should be 100% natural. However, some main name brands like to use silicone-based ingredients. While they make your beard look incredibly shiny and healthy, they only coat the hair and never gets absorbed. It literally does nothing good for your beard or skin. Avoid at all costs.

Thick or thin beard oil?

Different carrier oils will vary in their consistency. Some oils such as sweet almond and apricot kernel oil are on the thinner side. Castor, Jojoba and argan oil will make a beard thicker. It depends on the length and thickness of your beard on which would be better for you. However don’t just assume thicker beard oils are better quality or better for your beard.

Don’t believe that beard oils make your beard grow faster

Some brands have resorted to making boastful claims that beard oils make your beard grow faster, thicker and better. You shouldn’t believe these claims or trust the brand that makes them. A beard oil is only there to help nourish, condition and moisturise your beard. It is not a magic potion for an instant beard.

Trust where you’re buying Beard Oil from

Buying your beard care from a trusted source is very important. You need to be able to trust that what you’re putting on your face is not only safe but good for your beard. Here’s some tips and tricks to make sure you can trust the brand you’re interested in:

  • If they’re a UK/European based brand, they should have a CPSR (cosmetic product safety report) certificate for each product. Don’t be afraid to ask to see evidence that the brand’s products are safe to use.
  • A brand should always list their ingredients clearly, on the website AND on their packaging. If you can’t find the ingredients before you buy, you won’t know what’s in the bottle until it’s too late
  • A typical 30ml bottle of beard oil will cost between £10-15. Unless a brand is using incredibly rare and expensive ingredients, don’t be overcharged for something you can find cheaper but with the same quality.

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