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Growing a beard helped me to accept going bald

Growing a beard helped being bald

For many men, losing their hair and becoming bald is a big worry and concern. It can be incredibly demoralising seeing your thick head of hair slowly thin out, especially if you’re not at an age where losing your hair is a natural part of growing older. Hair symbolises so many things, from attractiveness to youth and health. But what if there was something that would make the loss of your head hair a little less painful?

Grow a beard

But if I’m losing my hair, can I still grow a beard?

One of the reasons men go bald is hormonal issues, usually stemming from the increase of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It’s thought that his hormone causes the hair follicle to shrink and eventually cause hair loss.

But at the same time, dihydrogentestosterone is an essential hormone tthat plays a role in the function of hair growth and especially beard growth, so as you’re going bald you actually have a better chance of growing a thicker and fuller beard.

A beard adds distinction to your face

A worry I always had when I was going bald was looking too much like a thumb, all head, face and no hair. Having a beard just helped add more definition and distinction to my face, separating my neck and my head. Also, once you’ve made the leap and gone for a clean-shaven head, the contrast is going to make your beard look even bigger and full.

A beard is a symbol of masculinity

Losing your hair can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself, some of your masculinity or your youth. These are not thoughts to get hung up on and a way of staying positive is to realise that a beard represents many things. It is a key sign of masculinity but also of growing older and wiser, to becoming the man you should be. If you’re becoming bald, you’re not losing anything but hair. You’re gaining much more, especially by growing a beard.

Be bold and go bald

It’s easy to be in denial about go bald, it’s hard to admit. But one of the most liberating things I did was just to make the jump and shave it all off. I was holding on to a thinning and receded hairline and it wasn’t going to be coming back. Once you take control and make the decision for yourself, it’s easier to accept it. Shaving your head will always look better than trying to keep any thinning hair with bald spots.

Own the decision and own your shaved head. Take on the attitude that it’s your choice and embrace the style and the look! It’ll help boost your confidence and soon enough you’ll never look back. Add in growing a beard to the mix and you’ve got the recipe for being a confident man.

Just remember

  • You can still grow a beard if you’re going bald
  • Having a beard helps add a distinct look along with a shaved head
  • A beard still represents masculinity, you’re only losing your hair
  • Be bold and make it your decision by shaving your head, it’ll feel much better

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