About Us

The Savage Alchemist had travelled far and wide through the savage land, over years and years his wisdom grew and along with it his beard. Longer and longer it got, the fiercer he became to find the ultimate beard care. In the end, he could not find what he was looking for... so he turned to his knowledge of alchemy. Combining the perfect ratios of vital carrier oils and the secret combinations of Essential Oils to create the ideal elixir. Rhodonite, Celestine, Serpentine and Selenite all representing one of the four elements to finally tame that Savage Beard.

Savage Alchemy is a new brand to the beard product world, we aim to combine science, art and magic to bring amazing products to the masses. We are a small UK based company and all of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. 

All of our products are created using the finest natural and organic ingredients, as well as essential oils to bring you the best long lasting scents. Our oils, balms and butters will give you the best chance to tame your savage beard.

Please allow 1-2 working days for orders to be processed and shipped. Any queries or issues please contact at adam@savagealchemy.co.uk