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Product Spotlight: Cold process body brick soap bars

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Are you looking to reduce your plastic usage in the new decade but don’t know where to start? One good place to start with is the bathroom, most will have too many plastic bottles from body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Here at Savage Alchemy we like to avoid plastic as much as we can, it’s why our beard wash comes in aluminium bottles. A great plastic free alternative to body wash however is soap bars. Especially cold process soap bars made from quality butters and oils that keep you clean with and nourish your skin.

How it started

Our body brick soap bars originally started off as a prototype for beard shampoo! After a while though we found that it was quite harsh on our beards but took great care of our skin. It’s why you might recognise some ingredients that you might find in beard care such as jojoba and argan oil. They’re still just as good for your skin as with your beard.

Why use a soap bar?

We’ve already mentioned how our soap bars are 100% plastic free alternative to body wash, which is a good reason to use soap. But compared to body wash, soap bars win out every time. They’re all natural as well as being paraben and sulphate free.

A typical body wash also isn’t technically a soap. They typically list a bunch of detergents and surfactants, as ingredients, which help wash the dirt and grime off your skin but they’re not particularly gentle. They’re also not natural ingredients, so if you have sensitive skin they can cause irritation.

A soap bar will also last long enough to compete with body wash. With a large enough bar and if you keep it out as dry as possible when not in use, a soap bar can last upwards of 2 weeks.

Ingredients used

Our cold process soap bars use a base of ingredients you’ll typically find in soap making; olive and coconut oil. These provide a cleansing and conditioning bar to look after your skin while keeping you clean. Castor oil is also used to create a luxurious and creamy lather so you get a nice bubbly coverage while in the shower. We purposely avoided palm oil due to it’s environmental damage as well as any animal fats to make our soaps 100% vegan.

We only use essential oils to scent our soap bars, providing you with 6 unique and interesting scents. So we only use 100% natural ingredients so you know you’re only using the best on your skin.

About Save Alchemy Beard Co

We combine science, art and magic to bring amazing beard care products to the masses. We’re a small UK-based company and all of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

All of our products are created using the finest natural and organic ingredients, as well as essential oils to bring you the best long lasting scents.

Using good quality beard care, Beard Oils, Balms and Butters, in your daily grooming routine is known for keeping any beard growth you have already healthy and well maintained. To view our range of products, visit our shop below.

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