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Showering with a beard: the best way to keep your beard clean


Figuring out how to properly wash and take care of your beard during a shower can be tricky. Showering is something you should be doing daily, but what about your beard routine? What should you be doing or not doing in regards to your facial hair? We’re going to figure out that together so you can have the cleanest beard.

The easy part

Your showering routine won’t be changing all that much but there are a few things to consider. If your beard doesn’t feel like it needs a wash, then you can forget about it for now, as we don’t recommend washing too frequency (but we’ll touch on that later).

Water temperature is also very important. Try to keep it on the warmer side than scolding hot as this can dry out your skin as well as your beard. Make sure you clean your face of any oils and residue but avoid getting any soapy suds on your beard. You want your skin clean but your beard untouched for now.

How often should you wash your beard?

Our skin naturally produces oils which help keep your beard healthy. After a while these oils can build up making your beard feel gross and unclean. We only recommend you wash your beard once or twice a week.

This is because beard wash can be stripping of the natural oils. We only want to remove the excess oils while keeping our beard feeling great. If you wash too frequently, you’re constantly stripping away the oils and drying your skin out.

If you want to keep your beard clean without the risk of over-washing it, you can always try co-washing to see what benefits it can bring. Using a conditioner to offer a minimal cleaning effect removes the chance of over-washing while conditioning your beard at the same time

Best Beard wash to use?

We highly recommend the use of a dedicated beard wash, designed for beards. These kinds of washes are gentler on our skin and beard. They do a great job at removing excess oils, dirt and residue while keeping as much of the natural oils within your beard.

If you don’t have any beard wash to hand, normal shampoo can be used. Though it’s not the best for your beard, it will help to keep it clean. Try using normal shampoo once a week until you can get some proper beard wash.

How to wash your beard

Now this might be simple to you, but there’s a few things to consider when washing your beard. You want the optimal temperature for hair, warm but not hot water. Make sure your beard is thoroughly soaked.

Grab your preferred beard wash and lather it up between your hands. You want a nice thick later so it’s easier to apply to your entire beard. Then use your fingers to massage in, ensuring you’re covering your entire beard.

Finally rinse your beard after a minute or two until there’s no longer any wash residue in your beard.

Drying your beard

Once you’re finished your shower and beard washing routine, now it comes to drying your beard. It’s always best to grab a clean towel for your face. The secret to drying your beard is to dab it dry and not rub it dry. Your beard can be it’s weakest when it’s saturated with water, so being rough with a towel can damage or break the hair. Once your beard is mostly dry, it’s time to apply your beard care unless you use heat to further style your beard.

Beard Care after a shower

It’s always best to use a highly moisturising beard oil after a shower. Especially if you’ve used any beard wash, we want to replace any lost natural oils.
If you like to use heat with a hair dryer on your beard, then we suggest using any beard care afterwards. Different carrier oils and essential oils have different smoking points, so too much heat can actually damage your beard.

Once your beard is all oiled and balmed up, you’re ready to get on with your day with a clean and awesome looking beard.

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