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The making process: How Savage Alchemy develops new scent profiles

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With the release of 3 brand new scents added to our CULT range of beard care, we wanted to discuss and break down just how we develop our unique scent profiles. When it comes to beard care, the scent profile is the most unique element out of everything. It’s what keeps you coming back to use it day after day.

Scent Ranges

Right now for our beard care, Savage Alchemy has 2 scented ranges of products. The original Savage Alchemy line and our newest range; CULT. They are two distinct ranges separating our products that are scented with essential oils and those scented with fragrance oils.

Essential Oils

  • Derived from the organic material of the essential oil. So peppermint oil is extracted from peppermint leaves through a steam distillation process.
  • Meaning that essential oils are one of the few natural ways to scent beard care products.
  • Due to being extracted from organic material, essential oils are limited in their variety. Traditionally being from woods, spices, florals and citrus fruits.

Fragrance Oils

  • Created artificially using ‘aroma molecules’ which do their best to emulate a scent
  • This means that a beard care product containing fragrance oils can’t be 100% natural, but the base formulation can and most likely will be.
  • Since they’re artificial, the variety of fragrances opens up the possibility of unique scent profiles within beard care products.

So the first question we always ask ourselves is, do we want to use essential or fragrance oils? Since our last release of scents being: Nero, Constantine & Caesar were all created using essential oils. We decided to go down the fragrance oil route but with a twist. This time we combined fragrance and essential oils to bring a truly unique scent profile not seen before in our line-up.

The process

Choosing which exact fragrance oils to use is difficult. At Savage Alchemy we tend to go overboard and order a tonne of fragrances, the more we have the better the scent will be at the end.

Once we have the fragrance oils in hand, the first test is by our own noses. This gives us an idea of what it smells like and just how potent it is. Some can be quite strong and prickly on the nose but it gives us a great idea on which ones could be candidates in the final product.

If they pass the nose test, we then dilute them in a small amount of carrier oil to know how they might perform in a beard oil. This allows us to fully know the scent. From there we start brainstorming what would go well with and work together. On average we go through at least 10 different iterations before even deciding on the scent profile.

The work doesn’t stop there though. Once we have the scent profile, the percentages of each fragrance need to be tested. This ensures that one element of the profile doesn’t overpower the others. This again takes numerous iterations and many failed attempts to balance the different scents to produce the desired outcome.

New Scents: Rapture, Blackstone & 7th Circle

When we looked at our current scent line up, we noticed some gaps that we could always fill with new scents. We lacked a straight up black-tie cologne scent as well as something sweet, so that’s where we started.

Our only other cologne scent is Thirteen with a strong floral musky base of jasmine and amber. So we approached Blackstone differently, going in strong with the leather and cologne while only using cedarwood essential oil as a base note. This created exactly what we were aiming for, a classy cologne scent with a strongly masculine twist.

Rapture was to try and capture your sweet tooth with mouth watering lemony sweetness. But we still aimed to make it interesting while keeping it as masculine and mature as we could. Choosing a limoncello fragrance oil as the starting point allowed us to do just that. Adding in the lemon essential oil provides the juicy sweetness to the scent profile. Funnily enough, the vanilla comes from the same Vanilla Tobacco that’s used in Ritual.

Now the last scent profile that’s been released is probably our most unique and unusual scent that we’ve done so far. At Savage Alchemy, we love tobacco scents and it was exactly the profile we wanted to go for. Instead of a fruit tobacco such as Ritual, we wanted something darker and smokier. Starting off with the sweet and earthy fragrance of Dark Honey, we added an oak tobacco which adds a robust woodsy smoke to the scent. Topping that off with a juniper essential oil boosts the whole profile into a completely new level.

About Save Alchemy Beard Co

We combine science, art and magic to bring amazing beard care products to the masses. We’re a small UK-based company and all of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

All of our products are created using the finest natural and organic ingredients, as well as essential oils to bring you the best long lasting scents.

Using good quality beard care, Beard Oils, Balms and Butters, in your daily grooming routine is known for keeping any beard growth you have already healthy and well maintained. To view our range of products, visit our shop below.

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