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Why you should brush your beard: 4 surprising benefits

How to grow a beard

Once you’ve grown a beard, the story doesn’t just end there. Once you have it, you must cultivate it and let it grow into the best beard it can possibly be. Grooming your beard is key and one thing that people tend to forget is about the fundamentals of brushing your beard. We’ll take a look at what you should be brushing your beard with and 4 surprising benefits!

What kind of beard brush?

Just like with beard care, the natural way is the best way. You wouldn’t be slathering your beard with oil that’s mostly silicones and artificial synthetic ingredients. So why would you use a beard brush that isn’t the same?

We recommend using a beard brush that uses boar hair bristles, commonly used throughout the bearded world. The bristles aren’t perfectly even so when you brush your beard after applying oil, it distributes it throughout. Also with their bristles being natural, they’re soft and gentle enough not to damage the hair or irritate your skin.

If you prefer to use a comb, we recommend wood over plastic. Plastic combs and brushes can damage or even snap your beard from jagged edges.

4 benefits to brushing your beard

  1. Less skin irritation and a healthier beard

Using a boar bristle brush especially on your beard helps to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard. Dead skin and grime can get stuck and clog your pores causing irritation and the dreaded beard itch. Using a brush through your beard helps to exfoliate and remove any blockages, helping you have a healthier beard.

  1. Reduces frizz, split ends and breakages

Brushing your beard daily will help straighten out your beard over time, preventing the frizziness and split ends of your beard. Training your beard to grow the right way by brushing will only make the beard hair form stronger roots and making the hair stronger.

  1. Distributes beard oil thoroughly

With the bristles of a natural beard brush being soft, they tend to be somewhat absorbent. Left over beard oil from brushing will eventually soak into the strands and provide benefits even without fresh oil. The bristles also help to thoroughly coat each hair strand in your chosen beard oil, meaning your entire beard benefits.

  1. Potentially stimulates beard growth

We mentioned earlier about how brushing your beard helps exfoliate your skin. Well what it also does is also massage your skin which increases blood flow to your beard. The idea is that with more blood flowing closer to the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients which are essential for beard growth. So even when you’re brushing your beard you could be helping it to grow.

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