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Your Beard care questions: How often should you use beard oil?


Many beard brands out there might try to convince you to use their beard oil as much as possible. Especially if they shout about how their beard oil makes your beard grow faster, denser and thicker which we know is false. But how often should you really oil up your facial hair? Is there a case of using too much of a good thing? Today we’ll find out how often you should use beard oil and some tips and tricks to remember.

What does beard oil really do?

If you don’t know, simply beard oil is to help moisturise and condition your skin and facial hair. As your beard grows, it wicks the natural oils your skin produces away and so we need to replace them. Beard oil also helps soothe any irritated skin or dandruff as well keep the beard hair healthy and strong.

If your beard is feeling particularly dry or straw like, a few drops of a high quality oil will rejuvenate your facial hair. There are other beard care products which provide a higher level of nourishment but beard oil ticks all the boxes.

How often should you apply?

Most men’s grooming routine will start in the morning. Your beard tends to dry out while you’re sleeping, so the point of call after a shower is to apply some oil. You may also want to add a beard balm to help keep fly away hairs tamed and neat. But you should always be oiling up your beard at the start of each day, it’s the cornerstone of a beard care routine.

Now will you need to use more beard oil through the day? That depends on a few factors. If you spend your day in a hot or dry climate then your beard may need be thirsty later. Also, if you spend a lot of time outside this can naturally dry your beard out.

If you find this happening frequently, then all you need to do is apply a couple of drops and spread it evenly through your beard. However we want to avoid using too much within a day, so use sparingly. Remember though, your beard will survive without extra oil being applied. Many men have gone their whole time without beard care, so you can last a few days.

How many drops of oil? How much is too much?

How much oil you’ll need to use depends on a few things. We generally base it on how long your beard is. Using 1-2 drops of oil per inch should cover your beard thoroughly to give the most benefit. Make sure to massage deeply into the skin and every hair is covered.

Now, be careful of using too much of a good thing. You’ll realise you’ve applied too much oil if your beard is feeling greasy hours after. You don’t want to run your hand through your beard and be covered in oil. You may also encounter some irritation from using too much oil, this can be due to exposure of essential and fragrance oils. Using too much beard oil means a higher concentration of these potentially irritating ingredients.

So remember to measure your drops of oil and apply only when your beard feels like it needs some extra moisture.

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